Thursday, February 19, 2009

The popularity of love, headscarfs and happy endings

We are playing a little game at Aurum at the moment, called 'Guess how far up the rankings Love in a Headscarf has climbed in the last hour.' It went from about 2,000th position in the week before publication (already a pretty spectacular achievement) to about 800th the day of the launch, and climbed to 65th today. It is number 1 in the Islam category and number 2 in the Women's biography category - excuse me, I just checked and it is now number 1 in Women's biography. Amazon have just placed another order for more stock of the books with our sales team.

And it seems as though most of the publicity is only just starting. With a serial starting today in the Daily Mail, an interview yesterday at the BBC World Service and more to come before the end of this week, sales are set to climb sky-high.

One other thing: it is nice to find that it is not just the usual celebrity memoirs and ghostwritten chick-lit that is proving popular with readers nowadays. The success of Love in a Headscarf is proof for first-time authors everywhere, that if you have a story worth telling, tell it, and someone will listen.

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