Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Harper's Bazaar Review of Love in a Headscarf

Here's a review that appeared in Harper's Bazaar on January 23rd (with the link below):


"An Islamic spin on the ‘Looking for The One' genre. Hijab-wearing Shelina is Oxford educated, more than moderately religious and has told her liberal-ish parents that she's up for an arranged marriage. Unfortunately, her Muslim ideals clash with theWestern ideas of romance she has picked up from films like Grease. Part of you wonders why she doesn't just rebel against the whole charade yet it's also fascinating that she doesn't.There's also great colour from the likes of the ‘buxom aunties' who are present at every meeting, frowning and serving perfectly bronzed samosas."
(Aurum £10.99)

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