Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nina Simone - The Biography by David Brun-Lambert

"The greatest female artist of the twentieth century" - Elton John

The flamboyant artist, the tireless warrior, the submissive then forsaken woman, the diffident lover addicted to men, the loose cannon, the breathless fighter, the absolute diva, the visionary creator, the dramatist, the voice of doom. Not to mention the first black classical concert player...

In this revealing biography, well respected music writer David Brun-Lambert reveals the tortured, tragic and awe-inspiring life of one of the greatest singers and musicians of modern times. The High-Priestess of Soul, Nina Simone sang and composed some of the most outstanding songs of the century. A child musical prodigy, she was rejected by the all-white board of an elite classical music school, a setback which would be the fuel that would propel her through an extra-ordinary life which took in the battle for civil rights, the birth of the cool, a fight against mental illness, and a series of intense and impassioned loves and losses.

The complete life story of one of the twentieth-century's brightest and most difficult talents.