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2011 Releases So Far... (Part 1)

Stephen Brook, MW, The Finest Wines of California
This guide, the fourth in the acclaimed Finest Wines series, from Hugh Johnson’s award-winning team, casts a whole new light on the California region. Authoritative, bang up-to-date, and brimming with fascinating information, this essential guide is required reading for all wine lovers.

‘This book is exceptional. It is well-written. It is informative. It is readable and entertaining’- Winesights, Toronto, Canada.

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Gideon Haigh, Ashes 2011
Most people gave England a modest chance of success. Some, like Glenn McGrath, insisted that history would repeat itself and Australia would administer another whitewash. What no-one anticipated was that the 2010-11 Ashes Tests would see one of the most complete performances ever by an England touring side and the first Ashes victory on Australian soil for 24 years, with, uniquely, three innings victories. It was a series full of remarkable records, and every member of the England side made crucial contributions.

Now, Gideon Haigh tells the full story of this amazing sporting achievement. Beginning with the build-up to the series - Australia going into it on the back of an uncharacteristic losing run, England after a year of quietly solid consolidation – he covers each Test, day by day, with pithy match reports and elegant analyses.

‘Cricket-lovers who know Gideon Haigh’s work will need no convincing: those who don’t will find this an ideal place to start. What makes Haigh so good? One reason is that he not only tells us what happened, he explains what it meant, where it fits into cricket history, of which he has a consummate grasp. Above all, he is a supreme stylist, with the ability to make one laugh out loud.’ – Simon Redfern, Independent on Sunday

‘[Haigh] is the most elegant of writers whose prose is a delight to read whatever the content.10/10 – this is the best tour book we’ve read.’-

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Harper’s Bazaar Fashion
Sophisticated, elegant and intelligent, Harper’s Bazaar Fashion is the style resource for women everywhere. Packed with invaluable style insight and practical advice, and illustrated with hundreds of fabulous photos of the world’s hottest celebrities, and beautiful original illustrations from the world’s top fashion designers, This stunningly presented gold style bible will no doubt become the must-have accessory of the season!

‘bursting with tips’- Telegraph Magazine

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Matthew Hayden, Standing My Ground
Matthew Hayden is one of the most commanding batsmen the game of cricket has ever seen – and one of the great enigmas. A devout Catholic and a ruthless on-field sledger. A brutal enforcer, and a soft-hearted family man. The Australian record-holder for highest score in Tests and One Day Internationals, who was at times troubled by self-doubt and doubters.
In Standing My Ground Hayden confronts these contradictions head-on. He talks frankly about the forces that shaped his journey from fringe international to a giant of the game. He dissects Australia’s tactic of verbal warfare and his own role as a key aggressor, taking us on a privileged tour inside the sporting machine that dominated all corners in a golden age of Australian cricket.

‘The book is not all serious analysis of the game of cricket. Hayden’s description of his first commentary stint with Geoffrey Boycott, and his confession he did not face Brett Lee in the nets because he was scared (said tongue in cheek), are lighter moments, in what is a well written autobiography. Overall this book is an enjoyable read and should be a big seller this Christmas.’-

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Terry Nation, The Man Who Invented The Daleks
‘A tale of monsters, megalomaniacs and the golden age of British television’
In 1963, the Daleks were first introduced to British television and straight away became impressed on the nation’s consciousness. There they have remained, instantly recognisable, terrifying and delighting generation after generation. In his new biography, The Man Who Invented the Daleks, Alwyn Turner explores the often strange worlds of their creator, Terry Nation; a man whose impact on modern British culture has, until now, been relatively unexplored.
Turner sheds light on a strange world of ambitious young writers, producers and performers without whom British culture today would look very different.

‘Alwyn Turner shapes Nation's extraordinary career into a wonderfully rich account of British popular culture since the war. Carefully researched and beautifully written, his book covers everything from the early days of Doctor Who’

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Robin Oakley, The Cheltenham Festival: A Centenary History
The Cheltenham Festival is a work of history and celebration – telling the story of how jump racing beneath Cleeve Hill in Gloucestershire became a vast sporting event attracting more than 50,000 spectators a day. It is also the story of the craic and the characters, like the Irishman who won enough to pay off his mortgage on Istabraq then lost it all punting on Ireland's fancy in the Gold Cup. "To be sure, it was only a small house anyway", he shrugged. This anecdote-filled study is a book for the committed festival-goer and every armchair racing fan.

‘a highly readable history’- The Independent on Sunday

‘It’s the human element that entertains most’- Sport Magazine
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Dave Pelz, Golf Without Fear
The renowned instructor behind pros such as Phil Mickelson and Vijay Singh shows you how to conquer the ten shots you fear the most.
Dave Pelz conducted worldwide surveys to determine which shots golfers fear the most, and has now created a methodology and conditioning process proven to teach golfers how to conquer their top 10 most feared shots. The first book to use the "Golfer's Eye View" - a technique developed for Pelz by photographer Leonard Kamsler - Dave Pelz's Golf without Fear features Pelz's signature combination of science and savvy.

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